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Actively Supporting Our Rural Communities

Rural CSR is a MaYA initiative in collaboration with the Merill Rural Network which aims to bridge commercial entities to the local rural community in order to invest in and support medium and long-term green sustainable projects. The activities are further strengthened with expertise by local agent Malta Rural Tours which provides professional logistical services to enhance the volunteer's experience.

Our collective years of experience working with rural stakeholders have proven that there is a great need for green investment, and we also know that companies are willing to support similar initiatives. However, these businesses often do not seem to know where and how to invest, and would be undoubtedly and understandably hesitant to support projects which are not adequately planned out. This budding database sets to make this match-making process feasible and achievable. 

We hope that our research, planning and outreach will entice local companies to invest in such green CSR projects. Needless to say, we offer such companies well-deserved exposure together with other benefits, when supporting any of our activities.

Contact us for more information, both if you're a business willing to support, or an individual, NGO or social enterprise aiming to be part of this database.

Activities may include: Plant Propagation, Rubble Wall Building, Animal Care, Processing, Tree Planting, Fruit & Veg Harvesting, Field Work, Packaging, Building Wind-Breaks, Animal Husbandry, Clean-ups and Rural Estate Skills


Kindly email us on for more details. Event options depend on the amount of people, time and resources invested in the CSR activity. Meal options and leisure activities to accompany the volunteer-experience are available on request.

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