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brief introduction to the team behind MaYA

Jeanette Borg - Founder & Administrator

Jeanette's interest in agriculture stems from a very young age even though she does not come from a farming family. Since finishing her studies specialising in agro-ecosystems management, she has been involved in vocational education as a lecturer at the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology since 2006 and has experience in the public and private sector. Her specialisation is in Rural Development, Agri Environment and Entrepreneurship.

Jorge Spiteri - Administrator (photo: People of Malta)

An architect and civil engineer by profession Jorge is a skilled beekeeper from Ħal-Safi, a rural village in the South of Malta. He learnt the trade from a veteran beekeeper and has been at the forefront of safeguarding the beekeeping sector in Malta with a special focus on the conservation of the endemic honeybee Apis mellifera ruttneri together with other experts and beekeepers in Malta. Jorge is also actively involved in the Malta Beekeepers Association.

Karl Scerri - Administrator

A young farmer from Dingli, a village in western Malta, Karl is a full-time broiler breeder who has been managing his family farm since 2009. He has participated in workshops organised by the EC and travelled to several countries for further development including, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and China. Karl has been at the forefront of advocating for young farmers, especially livestock breeders, as from the onset of MaYA.

Christian Borg - Communications & Development Coordinator

Christian has been working behind the scenes of MaYA since its inception. As the co-founder of the Merill Rural Network, he has been involved in local agriculture since 2010 working closely with farmers and rural communities. The social enterprise helped to create a blueprint for rural tourism in the Maltese Islands. His expertise in event management and digital marketing allow him to oversee the communication aspect of the MaYA Foundation.

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