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Terms and Conditions - Supporters

These terms and conditions are intended to guide contributors wishing to support the Malta Youth in Agriculture (hereinafter referred also as 'MaYA Foundation' or the 'Foundation')

Persons under 40 years of age who have a genuine interest in Maltese agriculture, may apply to become supporters of the Foundation by filling this form and paying the annual contribution fee (Tier 1 - minimum of €20).

Persons over 40 years of age can still apply and pay the contribution fee in order to become 'senior contributors' of the Foundation (Tier 2 - minimum of €35).


Under local and EU policies a young farmer is defined as a person of no more than 40 years of age.

Once the form is filled in, a successful enrolment will be subject to approval or otherwise by the administrators of the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to reject any application.  

In case of breach of statute rules, or misconduct that may affect in any ways the reputation of the Foundation, the administrators reserve the right to deregister the supporter/s in question. A copy of the Statute may be obtained upon request.

Public and official opinions/statements on behalf of the Foundation, be it in a formal and informal manner, need to obtain official approval from the Foundation administration prior to dissemination. 

Click here for details about support tiers.

For more information please email

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