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Ways how you may support

Contribute as a ‘Tier 1 Supporter’ if you’re a young* person studying or working  in agriculture

Become a ‘Tier 2 Supporter’ to contribute more towards local agriculture and gain access to a wider network 

Keep in touch as a ‘Subscriber’ if you’d like to receive agri-related updates and to network with others


tier 1 - €20/yr

tier 2 - €35/yr

Maya 1.tiff

Receive industry-related news

Maya 2.tiff

Participation in social & networking events

Maya 3.tiff

Access to an online support group

Maya 4.tiff

Training and mobility opportunities

Maya 5.tiff

2 hrs free technical assistance

Maya 6.tiff

Organisational support

Access to our 'Supply Chain Network'

Maya 7.tiff

* A person who is no more than 40 years of age at the moment of submitting the form 

Persons over 40 years of age can still apply and pay the contribution fee in order to become 'senior contributors' of the Foundation

(Tier 2 - minimum of €35).

We reserve the right to grant or deny any form of subscription request based on the organisation’s statute.  The MaYA Foundation is a Maltese-registered NGO (VO No. 0823). Tax rebates against donations may apply. Read T&Cs here.

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