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Working in the agriculture sector is one of the most satisfying jobs one can ever dream of - be it as a hobby, a part-time activity​ or even if you're planning to focus on it on a full-time basis.


It can however be daunting at times, and you will also learn that this is a sector full of challenges. Having said that, you don't need to deal with any of these difficulties completely on your own. It is also very likely that someone else has already faced, and overcame, whatever you are experiencing. 

The MaYA Foundation is an independent voluntary organisation which reaches all facets of local agriculture and we may help through different means. Click here to learn how we assist our supporters, and vice versa!

To help you even further along this journey, we've put together a select list of organisations which should be of interest to anyone involved in this sector! 

act logo_edited.png

An organisation focused on implementing positive change in Malta. Check them out for courses on different subjects, including subsistence farming and endemic trees.

Breeds of origin_edited.png

Non-profit organisation working to protect the indigenous breeds, native species, subspecies, and cultivated varieties of the Maltese islands.

MCAST logo.png

MCAST offers a wide range of full-time and part-time courses geared towards a variety of subjects. Up to date information may be found on the yearly prospectus.


A community platform gathering a large number of local farming enthusiasts and experts. Follow this page to access a treasure-trove of knowledge specific to the Maltese Islands.


This Division offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the agricultural sciences, and conducts and coordinates research relevant to the needs of modern Maltese agriculture.

FCCS Logo_edited.png

A cooperative that struggles to obtain the best prices for their farmers. If you're planning on getting help to sell your produce, this is a good place to start.


An environmental NGO that promotes and supports sustainable agriculture. Follow them for interesting courses on various related subjects.

Grow 10 Trees logo_edited.png

An initiative which motivates proactive citizens to grow and nurture local trees. If you're keen about trees, you will find a wealth of information here.


If you're planning on hosting bees on your land this is where you can get some help!

MOAM Logo.png

An organisation dedicated to promoting organic agriculture within the Maltese Islands. 

Merill logo.png

An established rural tourism network assisting farmers, breeders and artisans across the islands to diversify, and add value to their products and land.

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